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All information required to process your order is saved in our computer system. This allows us to ensure that follow-up orders can also be processed to the same quality level whenever required. 


With our state-of-the-art machines we can cut both circular and square glass panels according to your specified dimensions while complying fully with your prescribed tolerances. We are also able to cut shaped glass cost-effectively by CNC machine.
Using diamond hollow drills we can bore holes of 2.5–70 mm in diameter, whether centred or according to pattern. Multiple bores and countersunk bores are also an option.
Edge finishing
Bevelling, grinding or polishing: we have the capability to perform all kinds of mechanical edge finishing.
Corner finishing
Sharp corners on rectangular glass panels can be bevelled or rounded to the required radius. werden.
We print glass panels with RAL colours using a screen-printing process. The colours are burned on at a temperature of 150–500°C until they are scratchresistant. We can also provide etched and frosted effects as well as gold and silver printing.
For glass which needs enhanced shatterproof properties for high-stress applications, we perform a chemical hardening process in conjunction with the machining process. This process is suited to thicknesses of approximately 0.6–3.0 mm.
We have a glass laminating facility, which enables us to manufacture two layer and multi-layer laminated safety glass.
Surface treatment
Special millings on the glass surface are possible for example: groove millings in a certain depth, grinding round troughs or slider for touch applications