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Applications for our Glass Products

The benefits for you

The uses for glass are far from being exhausted. We would be delighted to help you turn your ideas for flat or curved small glass panes into reality, whether circular, rectangular or shaped. Why not make the most of our know-how?

Glass is used in many different sectors of industry, and the industries listed here represent just a few of the many possibilities:


Automotive suppliers
Glass cover panels and inspection glass for controls and instruments.
Lighting industry
Glass components for halogen and other lamps and lighting of all sizes – including those made of safety glass.
Metal goods industry
All types of glass components for metal goods applications.
Furniture industry
Glass components for furniture and lighting.
Watchmaking industry
All types of glass components for alarm clocks, fashion clocks, pendulum and grandfather clocks.
Advertising industry
Glass components(e.g. sight glass or safety glass) for promotional displays, advertisements printed on mirrors etc.
Electrical- and electronics industry
Technical glasses for input systems, operating systems, SMART-Panels, Touch systems, touchscreens etc.