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Glass is a material, which is suitable for many different industrial applications. The particular type of glass chosen for an application depends on the required properties. In our production process, we use float glass in the thickness range of 0.55–6 mm. 


Float glass
This type of glass is suitable for the majority of industrial applications and is manufactured using the same process throughout the world.
Borofloat glass
Also manufactured using the float process, this glass is characterised by its high temperature resistance, quench resistance, enhanced mechanical toughness and high chemical resistance.
Anti-reflective glass
Anti-reflective glass is a type of float glass, the surface of which has been etched or coated to reduce its reflective properties and to enhance viewability.
Frosted glass
Frosted glass is float glass, which has been sand-blasted. When the surface has been frosted by means of etching, it is known as Satinato glass.
Single-layer safety glass
Single-layer safety glass is a chemically or thermally hardened float glass. Compared with conventional glass of the same thickness, it is 3 to 5 times more shatterproof.
Laminated glass
Laminated safety glass is generally composed of two or more layers of float glass (which may be hardened to make it more shatterproof), bonded together by means of a plastic interlayer.